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Our Vision

ALDN’s vision is the transformation and empowerment of people within the communities to achieve their aspirations through relevant training and capacity building.

Through the College, ALDN is committed in providing clear pathways for accessing both formal and informal learning opportunities that allows individuals to acquire, practice and enhance relevant skills, knowledge and attitude in their respective areas of studies.

To achieve the vision, the organisation works in partnership with key stakeholders in the community including the government, the NGOs and private sector in creating synergies and overcoming barrier of time, space and distance in increasing access in, and widening participation in, learning opportunities..

Over 3000 Graduates

Since 2010, we have been educating the nation.

Expert Facilitators

We have a high competitive leadership.

Online Learning

We use latest technologies to deliver our lessons.


Our Mission

ALDN’s Mission Statement is to create a transformational experience for our learners whereby they engage in learning that has an empowering impact. The mission presupposes a culture embedded in the values of empowerment, innovation, continuous learning and promotion of civic duty within our communities. Above all, the value of academic and industrial excellence fosters collaborative working culture that recognizes and acknowledges the benefits of team working.